About Our Products

A flogger and/or whip which is elegantly crafted excites us. The passion which we feel for the erotic consensual exchange of power is translated into our creations. Beautiful leather feels wonderful not only in our hands as we work with it, but also in your hand when you wield it.

We select leather for durability, character, and striking visual appearance and combine various leathers so each flogger or whip will express the unique power and love of its owner.

LIGHTWEIGHT COWHIDE – Some customers have requested a whip which is heavier than deerskin, but not as intense as our heavier floggers. For you, we have added a lightweight cowhide with a velvety surface. It is available in a vast range of colors and of course, black. These whips are ideal for warm up however; they also work beautifully midway through a scene as the density of the leather allows the Dominant to incorporate just a little bite.

ELK – An elk is a larger animal than a deer. Its hide is thicker and a little heavier but still has much of the soft quality of deerskin. We usually use black or golden elk from which we make some of our fine collars and cuffs and of course, floggers.

RUBBER – Upon request, we will gladly make floggers with rubber falls. They are very severe and tolerated by only a few bottoms.

OIL TANNED COWHIDE – These hides make a snappy severe flogger and/or whip that really stings. This is very oily looking leather and has great density. We are always on the look-out for it, and such a flogger makes a prized addition to any collection. We also mix oil tan with other leathers to give the flogger more weight and/or thud.

BULL HIDE – The leather for whips and/or floggers with solid thud. It is a superior top-grain hide with an even surface texture. It is heavy, supple, and consistent in thickness. Bull hide stretches less than Bison, which is an aesthetic consideration for some individuals. Bull hide is available in many colors.

HORSE HAIR – Horse-hair delivers a sensation of being scratched. It often evokes a love/hate response. With the repetition of strokes, the scratching sensation intensifies. Many bottoms are caught in the delicious dilemma, “I can’t stand any more, but please don’t stop!” For some recipients this will be the finale, for others just a step in the escalation of intensifying sensation.

We use a hand-full of hair in our standard floggers. Adding more hair seems to reduce, not increase, the sensation, because the extra bulk causes wind resistance which slows down the speed of the tails. Horse-hair whips usually have black, tan or white tails. While we are on the subject of intensifying sensation, we accidentally discovered how severe horse hair can be when we flicked the tails across our arms while they were still wet from washing. Horse-hair whips usually have the shorter, thinner handles with tails about twenty four inches long. Since the floggers are lightweight, an accurate handle balance is not critical; you can cut the tails shorter if desired.

MINI FLOGGERS – The smaller pieces remaining from our hides are made into what can be called purse or cock and/or pussy floggers. Such delightful tools–so useful when we are close, but still want to keep flogging. We can use heavier leather for the falls upon request. The falls are usually 12″ in length, the handle is 3-5″.

MID RANGE FLOGGER – Still our most popular flogger! For the falls we use a top-grain cowhide with a thick, but spongy texture. This gives the flogger a great range of sensation with a balance of thud and sting. Although it will never have the soft touch of deerskin, if used with finesse, it can serve as a warm-up whip. We usually have many of these floggers in stock.

HEAVY FLOGGER – Some of our big boys just can’t resist giant floggers; so at their request we have made some really powerful models. But remember that as falls get long and more numerous these floggers become heavy, up to four pounds! But for those of you who work out regularly the rewards can be quite startling!

We designate a “Monster Flogger” as one with either more falls than our other flogger and/or falls longer than 24″. We can make them in any of the leathers.

CAT-O-Nine Tails – Our cats, by tradition, have the nine round braided falls. They administer a sting, creating the sensation of being “whipped”. The more tightly the falls are braided, the more intense will each stroke be. Braiding the falls can be hard on the crafters hands. Holding the braids tightly causes calluses and soreness of the skin. This is reflected in the price of cats and the length of time some of you patiently wait for us to complete your order.

Do remember that the cat is not a heavy whip in terms of weight. It usually weighs a little more than half a pound. But oh, what power those devilish round braids can deliver. It is a perfect example of mechanical advantage. Even the most petite mistress can get the undivided attention of her slave with this whip.

DRAGON TAILS and TONGUES are becoming one of the fastest sellers on the market today, because of their vast range of unusual sensation. The “Dragon Tail” delivers a tour-de-force performance as modern history’s most infamous tool of sexual torture. Its durable handle and luxurious leather look disguises its fierce ability to bring about a sensual dance of pleasure and pain to even the most experienced top or bottom…depending on one’s flavor!

Our Dragon Tail are made in a variety of colors, leather grains and weights with lengths ranging from 12 inches to a maddening six feet.


Remember each tool, flogger and/or whip can be customized to fit your needs, we offer the option of adding studs, Conchos, stones, bone, barbs, weights, knots, bells, or what ever darkness your life style requires.

Like everything we create our paddles, theme furniture, props and other specialty items are constructed out of the finest grade materials available.